Armed Intruder(s) – School Shooting(s)

Whether they are students or complete strangers to the school population, armed individuals represent a severe and imminent risk to the school community. Often, their attacks are premeditated, and thus prepared in great detail with the aim to kill.

Did you Know it?

According to The National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center, 18.1 % of students have reported being threatened or injured with a weapon at school. 100,000 students carry a gun to school (latest survey, 2006).

What to Tell Children (book excerpt)

• Because every situation is different, you must check all options very carefully depending upon where the attack is perpetrated, the number of assailants, the use of firearms, and the presence of a security staff in the school.
If you notice an armed gunman enter the school premises, call 911 immediately or seek out security personnel.
Locate the nearest exit to where you are.


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