Bullying consists in intentionally tormenting others in order to have power and domination over them. This anti-social behavior may occur through harassment, verbal abuse, physical assault and manipulation. Bullying is severely punishable by the school and by the justice system.

Did you Know it?

77% of students are bullied in America!
According to the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Survey, almost 30% of youth in the United States are estimated to be involved in bullying as either a bully, a target of bullying, or both (latest statistics, 2006).

What to Tell Children (book excerpt)

If someone bullies, blackmails, threatens, physically restrains, manipulates, orders you around (or any one of your classmates), talk to a teacher, administrator, or security personnel immediately.
Report any individual who says or writes nasty things about you, tries to leave you out of activities, makes you feel scared, takes or damages your things, and the like.


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