Each year, a whole range of extremely dangerous new games appears in schools. They are often played in groups, at school during recess, or at home, and claim numerous victims. Many of the choking games and other violent and perilous ones can lead to severe injuries.

Did you Know it?

According to a CDC report (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), 82 probable choking-game deaths among youths aged 6–19 years have been identified during 1995–2007. Seventy-one (86.6%) of the decedents were male, and the mean age was 13.3 years.

What to Tell Children (book excerpt)

Yell and ask a teacher or other adult for help when you are a victim of a potentially dangerous game.
Inform your teacher or other trusted adult about any new dangerous games you hear about, so that families and the school community may be warned.



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