Drugs are extremely dangerous psychoactive substances that have analgesic effects or induce a false sense of exhilaration. The use of drugs has high occurrence of addiction (dependence) as well as severe disorders which may lead to death.

Did you Know it?

According to the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Survey (2006), 22% of the 12th graders have report reported using illicit drug in the previous 30 days.

What to Tell Children (book excerpt)

Always refuse any offer to try any kind of drug. Usage may result in death—a high price to pay for such entertainment.
Smoking joints regularly increases the risk of respiratory infections, lung cancer, or even cardiovascular diseases, not to mention the risk associated with breaking the law.
Do not accept packages from anyone who asks you to give them to someone else, put them in a specified place, or hide them in your home for a few days. You could risk being questioned or arrested by the police if the package contains illegal substances.


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