Internet Threats – Cyberstalking

The Internet is an amazing tool for research, communication, and socializing, but it can also be fraught with dangers and unsafe situations. Sexual predators are known to use the Internet as a tool for meeting children. Unfortunately, it happens too often that young teenagers who are desperate for encounters and new sensations fall into a trap set on the Web.

Did you Know it?

One in Seven youth online (ages 10-17) receives a sexual solicitation or approach over the internet.

What to Tell Children (book excerpt)

If a stranger tries to contact you (via e-mail, instant message, or online chat rooms), do not respond to them. Block them from your contacts in order to prevent any recurrence. To get your attention, some predators will contact you pretending they have a special gift or prize for you.
Never give your name or address, and keep a low profile while exchanging topics in chat rooms.
Never arrange or accept an appointment with a stranger over the Internet. This recklessness may have very serious consequences.


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