Physical Assault

People are attacked both physically and verbally on a daily basis. This is not only physically harmful but psychologically as well. Prior to being submitted to physical violence, the victim may be verbally abused with insults, threats, bullying, teasing, stalking, sexual harassment, or other provocations.

Did you Know it?

Each month, 250.000 students are physically assaulted in U.S. Schools!
46% of males and 26% of females have reported they had been in physical fights.

What to Tell Children (book excerpt)

• In case of an assault, shout “Help” as loudly as you can, and immediately seek protection from an adult.
• Learn to say, “Enough is enough!” Try to overcome shyness and don’t isolate yourself. This will help avoid being an easy target and risk being assaulted without witnesses around.
• Lock the door when going to the bathroom. (Unlocked and unmonitored entrances are a source of vulnerability in school safety.)


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