School Field Trips

Field trips may expose students to a range of potentially dangerous physical and environmental risks. Often, there are also supervision issues and lack of discipline on the students’ part. Students and educators must know their boundaries and the consequences of their actions, and obey all safety instructions.

Did you Know it?

797 500 children are missing each year in the USA (2185 per day): White (non-Hispanic) 428,800 – Black (non-Hispanic) 149,700 – Hispanic (163,900).

What to Tell Children (book excerpt)

Never cross the street without the rest of the group.
If one is present, use the crosswalk. Pay attention to road signs.
Stay on the same sidewalk as other classmates and pay particular attention to parking exits, building courtyards, and construction sites.
Avoid going anywhere on your own without first informing the chaperons.
If you need to go to the bathroom, don’t go alone so as not to be at the mercy of an ill-intentioned stranger.


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