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By Albert David, Journalist, Prevention and Safety Issues § Dr David Farcy, Director of the Emergency Department Critical Care in a Mount Sinai Medical Center



The First A to Z Emergency Guide For Educators and Parents!
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Physical violence, verbal abuse, bullying, harassment, antisocial behavior, shootings… Every single day, our schools are center-stage for behaviors that stand against our social ethics. While the majority of such acts are committed among students, teachers are not spared from these habitual activities which instigate fear and impair the overall climate of our schools.
Who is to blame? Is it the family unit which, in case of dysfunction, struggles to channel and repress a child’s aggressive behavior or tendencies towards delinquency? Is it the psychological, medical, and social support systems which offer a helping hand, listen, and alleviate as well as they can without reaching and eradicating the root problems? Are television programs, movies, cell phones, and media such as the Internet responsible for swamping users with endless waves of violence and hatred?
Regardless of where the blame may or may not lie, school is and must remain an educational sanctuary that provides each and every student the same opportunities for achieving excellence.
Learning and knowledge are unlikely to be achieved without also teaching some kind of morality. How then is it possible to keep order, establish, and restore the school’s authority in an atmosphere of never-ending tension?