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Published by: Abey Productions
Education Pre-K-12 / Parenting / Family
100 pages – Full color
ISBN-13: 978-0-9794652-0-8
Library of Congress Number: 2007936120

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Keeping our Children Safe and Healthy from Pre-k through High School
A lifesaving resource for Educators and Parents!

Today, the dangers your children face both in and out of school are more daunting than ever before. From A to Z, Keeping our Children Safe and Healthy addresses all these basic issues.

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How to teach your children to react in situations that create fear and insecurity?
Armed Intruders, Assault, Bomb Threats, Bullying, Discrimination, Internet threats, Extortion, Hostage Taking, Physical abuse, Robbery, Sexual Harassment, Stalking, and more.

How to deal with…?

Alcohol Abuse, Contagious Diseases, Dangerous Games, Drug and Nicotine Addictions, Eating Disorders, Running Away, Self-medication, STDs, Suicidal Behavior, and more.

What is the first response rule in case of a medical emergency?

Asphyxia, Choking, Crushing, Dehydration, Drowning, Food poisoning, Head injuries, Panic Attack, Stampede, and more.

How to react in case of a natural disaster?

Earthquake, Flash flood, Hurricane, Landslide, Storm, Tornado, and more.

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