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The First A to Z Emergency Guide for Educators and Parents!

Each year, 797 500 children are missing in the USA… 77% of students are bullied… 100 000 students carry a gun to school… 250.000 students are physically assaulted each month… 44% of rape victims are under 18… Thousands of children die in the aftermath of unintentional injuries… (Statistics from NCMEC, CDC, BJS)
From A to Z, Keeping our Children Safe and Healthy addresses all the basic issues of prevention—both for safety and health— in an easy approachable format. Get this fantastic resource and find out how you can avoid many tragedies for your kids!

It’s Time to Build a Safer Future for your Kids!

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Are your children prepared to face life-threatening situations?
Whether your kids are bullied, assaulted, abused, injured…, are you prepared to help them identify and overcome any of these dangers? Do you know how to prevent them from further violence? Do you know how to rescue them in case of an emergency?
How you React can Save Their Lives!

Teach Your Children How to Handle Life-Threatening Situations Before It’s Too Late!

Check this out! More Than 1500 Safety Tips and Emergency First-Response Rules!

• How to Teach Children to React in Situations that Create Fear and Insecurity?
Abuse, Advances by Strangers, Armed Intruders, Physical Assault, Bomb Threats, Bullying, Cyberstalking,
Discrimination, Hostage Taking, Sexual Harassment, Terrorism, and more >>
• What are the Risks and Consequences Of Home or School Related Issues?
Alcohol Abuse, Contagious Diseases, Dangerous Games, Drug and Nicotine Addictions, Eating Disorders,
Running Away, or Suicidal Behavior, and more >>
• What to Do in Case of Emergency Situations and Natural Disasters?
Asphyxia, Choking, Crushing, Intoxication, Panic Attack, and more >>
Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Landslides, Tornadoes, and more >>

A Must-Have for all Educators and Parents!