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This is an impressive guide for parents and teachers, as well as children themselves, covering a variety of possible threats to children within the school or home. Not only will this valuable guide help us to determine an appropriate course of action during an emergency, but it will help us teach our children to react in situations that are ripe with fear and insecurity!

For the very first time in America, a clear health and safety primer explains to educators and parents how to handle life-threatening situations for kids, from A to Z! Once you have it, you will never leave it!

Amazon, F. Abdallah
Albert David offers parents and teachers, basically anyone who is around children, tips on how to prepare and tell children about emergency situations. Each concern is about one or two pages. Good to have as a reference.

Amazon, J. Alan
As a parent, I have not found any better resource to discuss and address safety at school with my kids. Absolutely fantastic!
This essential guide provides great tips on how to help children help themselves in case of emergencies. A must-have for parents and caregivers!
A vital safety and health information into one complete, user-friendly guide! — Jack Kennedy
The reader may wonder how one tiny volume can pretend to cover so many topics. It is easy to keep handy and find whatever one might read, as it whets your appetite for more. Read on. Seek other help. As one of many helpers, it is useful!
This jam-packed resource includes information on everything from preventing online dangers, bullying, and sexual abuse, to lifesaving procedures in the event of emergencies.
This book helps caregivers to prepare children for and respond to emergencies, including natural disasters and potential terrorist attacks.

School § Community — The Magazine for Missouri Educators
This handy A-to-Z guide helps educators and other caregivers deal with any imaginable catastrophe that could befall a student. It’s a book to have at your desk!

Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation — Mike Bettiol
The majority of the book is generic and most educational professionals should be able to compensate for the differences. Overall, this is a valuable reference for both school and home!

MDCPS Teacher —Dulce M. Goldenberg, Teacher, Miami Dade County Public Schools, Florida.
Extremely valuable handbook! I have never seen a more complete and appropriate guide for health and safety in schools. Absolutely a must for every teacher, counselor, and parent!

Nicholas J. Jouriles, MD, FACEP, Professor and Chair of Emergency Medicine Northeast Ohio Medical University
It is superb. It is concise, written with contemporary language and style and very engaging to young readers and adults alike!