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We are a publishing company specializing in health and safety issues each one of us may face with in a daily environment. Our authors’ works consist of helping readers deal with health and safety issues through accessible guides. Being a witness or a victim of an accident requires appropriate action and reaction. That is why we do our best to cover the most common life-threatening situations. Our books are submitted to healthcare professionals and educators before they are published. The proofreaders help us to maximize the accuracy and the quality of any recommendation included in our books. “Keeping our Children Safe and Healthy from Pre-K through High School” is a first title of a series which will include Prevention, Safety and Health issues in the work place…and at home.

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About the Authors

Albert David
Albert David is a journalist and writer, specializing in prevention, safety and health issues. He has been working as journalist and editor-in-chief of prevention and health magazines in European countries for 24 years. He is also author of “Prevention, Safety and Health in the Workplace from A to Z”.
David Farcy, MD
Dr. David Farcy is an Emergency Medicine and Critical Care medicine attending. He has extensive Pre-Hospital experience, has been involved with Emergency Medical Services for many years as an EMT, Paramedic, and Instructor. He has worked with various EMS, Fire Department and Law enforcement in different topics like mass casualty incidents, prevention, safety and other important health related issues. Dr Farcy is the Director of Emergency Department Critical Care in Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami, Florida.

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