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U.S.Department of Education

U.S.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Health Topics, Statistics, First-aid

Prevention, Safety and Health Issues



Child Care & Education:
Child Care Aware  (Child Care Aware )
Head Start (ACF)
National Childcare Information Center (ACF)
Child Care (healthfinder)
Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center (ACF)

Diseases & Conditions:
Childhood Diseases (healthfinder)
Child and Teen Health (MedlinePlus)
Dyslexia (healthfinder)
Head Lice  (MEDLINEplus)
Lice Infestation (Includes treatment fact sheet) (CDC)
Learning Disorders (MEDLINEplus)
Toilet Training and Bed Wetting (MEDLINEplus)[/column]

Dental Health:
Child Dental Health (MEDLINEplus)
Oral Health Resource Center (HRSA)

Child Safety (MedlinePlus)
Child Safety (healthfinder)
Childhood Emergencies  (HRSA)
Child Abuse and Neglect  (ACF)
Childhood Injury Fact Sheet (CDC)
Safe Schools, Healthy Students (SAMHSA)
Child Passenger Safety Fact Sheet  (CDC)
National Related Injuries (CDC)
Swim Healthy, Swim Safely (CDC)

Families issues

Parents (healthfinder)
Critical Child and Family Programs Phone Numbers (ACF)
Family Issues and Problems(MEDLINEplus)
Promoting Responsible Fatherhood
Parenting (MEDLINEplus)
Parenting (NIH)
Resources for parents (

Child Support:
Child Support Enforcement (ACF)
Child Support Information for States (ACF)
Parent Locator for Child Support Enforcement (ACF)

Child Abuse:
Child Abuse and Neglect (ACF)
Child Abuse (MEDLINEplus)
Child Abuse (healthfinder)
Child Neglect (healthfinder)

Domestic Violence:
Child Abuse (MEDLINEplus)
Domestic Violence Fact Sheet (CDC)
Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center (The White House, CDC)
Teen Violence (MEDLINEplus)
Domestic Violence (MEDLINEplus)
Domestic Violence (healthfinder)
Rape (MEDLINEplus)

Substance Abuse:
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevention  (SAMHSA)
Center for Substance Abuse Prevention
Myths, Facts, and Illicit Drugs: What You Should Know (SAMHSA)


Families & Children


Kid’s website

Kids’ Privacy Notice
HHS for Kids

Safety and Wellness

Children’s Safety Network  (Children’s Safety Network)(HRSA)



Teen Drivers Fact Sheet (CDC)
Coping with teenage crises, including running away (National Runaway Switchboard)


Healthy Youth! Six Critical Health Behaviors (CDC)
Teenagers Health (healthfinder)
Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (CDC)
Child and Teen Health (MedlinePlus)
Girls’ Health Information (HHS, The Office on Women’s Health)
Dyslexia (healthfinder)
Learning Disorders (MEDLINEplus)
Mental Health: The Cornerstone of Health (SAMHSA)
Teen Health
Teen Sexual Health (MEDLINEplus)
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Youth Development:

Communication Building for Hispanic/Latino Families With Young Children (SAMHSA)
Youth Development (ACF)
Girl Power-Make the Most of Your Life
Teen Development (MEDLINEplus)
Fact Sheet: Positive Youth Development (ACF)
Mentoring Children of Prisoners (ACF)

Teen Web Sites:

Human Genome Project  (NIH, National Human Genome Research Institute)
Health Information for Teens (FDA)
Science Education (NIH)
Teens’ Page (MEDLINEplus)
Youth Tobacco Prevention (Tobacco Information and Prevention Source)
For Runaways and Other Teens in Crisis  (National Runaway Switchboard)[/column]


Immunization (MEDLINEplus)
Childhood Immunization (MEDLINEplus)
National Immunization Program (CDC)
Immunization (healthfinder)
Vaccine Research Center (NIH)
National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (HRSA)
National Vaccine Program Office (HHS)
Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (FDA)